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Expressive Arts Therapy for Postpartum Mood

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Becoming a parent is one of the biggest life transitions a person can go through. We suddenly find ourselves in a whirlwind of dramatic changes to our time, sleep, bodies, relationships, mood, identity, and sense of self. With so much change so quickly, we can easily feel overwhelmed and emotionally stuck. Expressive arts therapy can help you process feelings and emotions that you can’t seem to name or find the words to express. Because unlike some other forms of therapy, expressive arts allow us to use both hemispheres of the brain – both our logical/rational brain and our emotional/feeling brain. This program provides structure and support as you experiment with four distinct expressive arts tools from the comfort of your own home. Tool One: Pinch Pit Grounding (18 min) where you will use clay/playdough as a support to challenge racing thoughts and negative thinking patterns. Tool Two: Water Colour Affirmation (15 min) where you will use colour and images to banish self-doubt and embrace self-love. Tool Three: Music and Movement Processing (18min) where you will connect your body to musical movement to support you in emotionally processing difficult feelings Tool Four: “Wise Mind” Journaling (22 min) where you will write a letter to help facilitate trauma processing (birth trauma in this exercise). Not an artist? No problem! This is not an art class, nor is it hobby arts and crafts. You don’t have to share anything that you create unless you want to and no one is your work

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