Our mission is to challenge the idealized version of parenthood and speak truth to the experience of becoming a parent through educating the public about Perinatal health and wellbeing. We also work to identify and acknowledge the impact of gender and racial stereotypes on parenting and navigating challenges in the perinatal period. We open up these conversations through our blog posts, community involvement, and our podcast in order to reduce stigma and increase opportunities to support parents.


Our vision is to create a space where the difficulties and realities of parenting are normalized so that parents feel comfortable to talk about their authentic experiences without guilt or shame. Our vision also includes low barrier access to care and supports for people struggling with a Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorder, by having a connected network of Perinatal professionals, peer supports, educational supports, and advocates throughout the province of Ontario.

We base our work on the values of compassion, anti-racism, community support, all-gender inclusion, anti-oppression and barrier-free access to care.