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Picture of Olivia Scobie, white female, medium length blonde brown hair, grey top
Picture of Christine Cunningham white female, short blonde hair, dark purple top

Olivia Scobie (she/her) is a queer social work counsellor who specializes in perinatal mood, reproductive trauma, parental mental health, and provider burnout. She is committed to continuous learning and is currently completing a PhD in Health Policy and Equity at York University. Her dissertation involves a qualitative research study about the reproductive trauma experiences of LGBTQIA2+ birthers and she has a special interest in community-based research and building equity-oriented health care services. Olivia believes in eating dessert every day, telling your story, and supporting families through difficult times.







Christine Cunningham (she/her), Founder and Board Member at Perinatal Wellbeing Ontario. I am a Registered Social Service Worker and a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional. I know what it feels like to suffer with Postpartum Anxiety and Depression because I lived through it after my 3rd child.It totally sidelined me, and I struggled to cope with my symptoms and to parent my 3 little ones. I also didn't even really know that Postpartum Anxiety was a thing because of a lack of information and resources. Luckily, I was able to recover and be well again. That experience changed my life for the better, because I decided to go back to school and become a counsellor. After working in mental health and addictions I followed my heart to working with clients in the Perinatal period (trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant, or postpartum) in my private practice. And this led me to establishing Perinatal Wellbeing Ontario in order to provide low-cost/free therapy and peer supports to people struggling with their mental health in the Perinatal period. Connect with me on Instagram: @perinatalwellbeing_ontario




Fernanda Villanueva, she/her completed her Master of Social Work at the University of Toronto. She has over 15 years of experience working in community health, sexual and reproductive health, as well as clinical mental health settings with a specific focus in women’s mental health. Her therapeutic practice in reproductive and Perinatal Mental Health stems from years of working with clients, completing her doula training and continuous training in Perinatal Mood Disorders. Fernanda completed her EMDR Level 1 and Level 2 training in order to support clients with histories of trauma.

Picture of Fernanda Villanueva, BIPOC female, long brown hair, light blue top
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